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EdJoWa sponsors 10,000 InterCrone coins to SV Austria Salzburg!

Austria Salzburg Pressephoto

Austria Salzburg is the first cooperation partnership for the EdJoWa Sport Sponsering. In March 2019 they received a web-based wallet with 10.000 InterCrone


EdJoWa has launched the first cooperation with a very traditional football club, SV Austria Salzburg.

In March 2019, they received a web-based wallet with 10,000 InterCrone Coins.The staking process will 
produce around 150 new coins each month, and the football club will have 12 months to go without the “staked” InterCrone. The newly won InterCrones are billed monthly and credited in the Wallet. 

The InterCrone promotion pot can be constantly supplemented by other supporters. The secure Blockchain technology 
and the proof of stake procedure ensure that the transaction is completely transparent and always traceable over the long term.

Everyone can easily help. Give InterCrone a long-term benefit.

Hereby we would like to appeal to the solidarity consciousness of all sports lovers to recognize and actively use 
this new form of sport promotion in times of digitalization. 
Of course, the “donation function” is also suitable, for example, for a pocket money fund for the offspring or study support for the godchild.

Support your Club as easy as 1-2-3

1. Set up your account by click the Link below. 
2. Deposit Euro to your Wallet and buy some InterCrone. We’ll show you how. 
3. Choose how long you want to stake your InterCrones. 

That’s it. Once you’ve chosen your staking duration, you will get your staking reward monthly. 
With your monthly rewards you can support your club or save some Coins on your own.

Support SV Austria Salzburg